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The Society for California Archaeology was founded in 1966 as a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of California’s heritage. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in California archaeology. Its mission and Code of Ethnical Guidelines, among other information, may be found in the menu to the right.

The Native American Programs Committee (NAPC) was established on June 7, 1992 by the SCA Executive Board under the leadership of SCA President Dick Markley.

Purpose Statement

The Purpose of the SCA Native American Programs Committee is to promote communication and exchange of information among California Indians and cultural resource management (CRM) professionals. The Native community and SCA will accomplish this mission through collaborative efforts in education and technical assistance.


The Chairperson(s) of the NAPC is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the SCA Executive Board, which is comprised of elected officials in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Gregg Castro, Chair
t’rowt’raahl Salinan / rumsien Ohlone
Board member, Salinan T’rowt’raahl – a Salinan advocacy group

Kish LaPierre
Cultural Resource Manager
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Will Madrigal Jr, M.A. 
Cahuilla/Luiseno Educator
Doctoral Candidate, Native American Studies
Dept. of Ethnic Studies
UC Riverside

Peter Nelson
San Diego State University
The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

Kanyon (Coyote Woman) Sayers-Roods
Indian Canyon Mutsun Band of Costanoan Ohlone People

Tsim Schneider
UC Santa Cruz
The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

History of Committee Chairs

NAPC Co-Chairs 2016-current –  Gregg Castro
NAPC Co-Chairs 2012-2015 – Cassandra Hensher and Gregg Castro
NAPC Chairperson 1999-2012 – Janet P. Eidsness
NAPC Chairperson 1992-1999 – Philip deBarros

NAPC Membership and Open Meetings

The NAPC is comprised of a list of interested Committee Members comprised of “SCA members in good standing,” and it also reaches out to a second list of “NAPC Friends,” who are not SCA members. As of 2008, these group lists include more than 100 California Indians, professional archaeologists and cultural resources managers, and avocational archaeologists. These two lists serve as important points-of-communication from and to the NAPC Chairperson(s), serving as a network to facilitate communications and exchange of ideas about how NAPC can best serve SCA, Native Americans and the state’s interested citizenry.

NAPC Open Meetings are held most years in conjunction with the SCA Annual Meeting. These meetings typically provide important feedback from both Native Americans and archaeologists on what we can do to improve or expand our program consistent with the NAPC mission statement.

Programs and Funding

NAPC Annual Operating Budget History

Funding to support NAPC programs is decided annually by the SCA Executive Board and depends upon the fiscal health of this non-profit organization. 

California Indian Sponsorship Program

This NAPC program was initiated in 2005 to support participation and attendance of California Indians at the SCA Annual Meetings. Tax-deductible donations are sought to support meeting participant expenses including lodging at the host hotel, travel and per diem stipends, meeting registration, and fees for each to attend special workshops, the Silent Auction and/or Banquet (average $800/person). 

Sponsorship Selection Criteria and Application Process: Applicants must submit a written statement that addresses how their attendance at the SCA Annual Meeting will benefit them, their community and the SCA at large with reference to the Selection Criteria below. Each recipient will be expected to become a member of the SCA at the appropriate category for that year. Criteria for selection of sponsorship awards will include:

  1. The applicant proposes to formally present a paper, participate in and/or organize a symposium, or submit a poster for poster session; or,
  2. The applicant expresses a specific interest in attending the Meeting because a particular issue or topic is being presented; or,
  3. The applicant proposes to represent and inform their community by learning more about the SCA and its Annual Meeting; or,
  4. The applicant is interested in exploring possible career opportunities in archaeology, anthropology, cultural resources management, academia, heritage tourism, or another related field.
  5. Sponsorships awards should be given to Native Americans from geographically distinct areas.

Sponsorship application letters may be submitted anytime for the coming year’s Annual Meeting, and before the posted deadline (typically, mid-January). More information on sponsorships can be found HERE. Written statements (per selection criteria above) may be mailed to:

NAPC Chair, Gregg Castro
5225 Roeder Rd.
San Jose, CA. 95111
Email Gregg
or to the NAPC
c/o SCA Business Office

California Indian Sponsorship Program Recipients:

2022 Visalia
2021 Virtual
2020 Riverside (Canceled due to coronavirus)
  • Natalie Forrest-Perez, Pit River Tribe
  • Brandy McDaniel, Pit River Tribe
  • Kenwa Kiravitz, Pit River Tribe
  • Florence Moran , Pit River Tribe
  • Mary Mike, Pit River Tribe
  • Virginia Amoroso, Pit River Tribe
  • Zalynn Baker, Pit River Tribe
  • Oliver W. Forrest, Jr., Pit River Tribe
  • Oliver Forrest, Sr., Pit River Tribe
  • Dawn     Hernandez, La Jolla Band, Luiseno
  • Joseph Castaneda, Morongo Tribe Reservation    
  • Andrew Castaneda, Morongo Tribe Reservation
  • Ronald Montez, Sr., Big Valley Band of Pomo
  • Kiaya Charlton-Grant, Shasta-Karuk
  • Vikki Preston, Karuk-Yurok-Paiute-Pitt River
  • Kathy Bancroft, Lone Pine Piute-Shoshone Reservation
2019 Sacramento
  • Analisa Tripp
  • Vikki Preston
  • Eric DeSoto
  • Allison Stevenot
  • Larry Longee
  • Robert Geary
  • Issac Bojorquez
  • Mary Armas Rodgers
  • Diana Dominguez
  • Larissa Wildrose Heredia
  • Kaya Atwell
  • Christine (Tektekh) Gabaldon
  • Shelly Covert
  • Kanyon Sayers-Roods
  • William Madrigal Jr.
2018 San Diego
  • Analisa M. Tripp, Karuk Tribe
  • Kathy Bancroft, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer/Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone
  • Elizabeth Elliot, Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California
  • William Madrigal, Jr., Cahuilla
2017 Annual Meeting in Fish Camp
  • Mary Motola, Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians
  • Peter Nelson, Graton Rancheria/UC Berkeley
  • Lorin Smith, Kashya Band of Pomo Indians
  • Allison L. Stevenot, US Forest Service
2016 Annual Meeting in Ontario
  • Barbara Durham, Timbisha Shoshone
  • Suntayea Steinruck, Tolowa Dee-ni’
  • Morning Star Gali, Ajumawi Pit River
  • Chris Brown, Kosealekte Pit River
  • Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Mutsun Ohlone / Chumash
2015 Annual Meeting in Redding
  • Kanyon Sayers-Roods, “Coyote Woman” at Indian Canyon Mutsun Ohlone / Chumash
  • Me’lash-ne Loren Bommelyn; Smith River Rancheria Tribal Council, Culture Committee Chair Tolowa/De’ne
  • Debra Lynn Grimes, Tribal Cultural Resource Specialist Calaveras Band of Mi-Wuk Indians
2014 Annual Meeting in Visalia
  • Rusty Stone, Kern Valley Indian Council
2013 Annual Meeting in Berkeley
  • Brandy Doering (Konkow Maidu)
  • William Madrigal (Cahuilla Luiseno)
  • Janet Tripplett
  • Jakki Kehl (Mutsun Ohlone, Elder )
  • Linda Yamane (Rumsien Ohlone)
2012 Annual Meeting in San Diego
  • Jakki Kehl (Mutsun Ohlone)
  • William Madrigal, Jr. (Cahuilla/Luiseno)
  • Reba Fuller (Tuolumne Rancheria Sierra Mewuk)
  • Brandy Doering (Konkow Maidu)
  • Cheryl Zohm (Luiseno, Pauma Band of Mission Indians)
2011 Annual Meeting in Rohnert Park
  • Sean Milonovich (Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla)
  • Cari Herthel (Esselen-Rumsien, Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation)
  • Briannon Fraley (Tolowa, Wiyot Tribe THPO)
  • Brandy Doering (Konkow Maidu)
2010 Annual Meeting in Riverside
  • Suntayea Steinruck (Tolowa, Smith River Rancheria THPO)
  • Preston Arrow-weed (Quechan)
  • Mary Rodgers (Salinan Tribe of Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties)
  • Francine Martinez (Salinan Tribe of Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties)
  • Brandy Doering (Konkow Maidu)
2009 Annual Meeting in Modesto
  • Frank Arrendondo (Coastanoan/Chumash)
  • Desiree Martinez (Gabrielino Tongva)
  • Carly Tex (North Fork Mono)
2008 Annual Meeting in Burbank
  • Frank Arrendondo (Coastal Band of Chumash Nation)
  • Carmen Lucas (Kwaaymii, Laguna Band)
  • Tanya Ruiz (Barbareno Ventureno Band of Mission Indians)
  • Abel Silvas (Juaneno Band of Mission Indians)
  • Randy Yonemura (Ione Band of Miwok, California Heritage Council)
2007 Annual Meeting in San Jose
  • Jim Brown III (Elem Pomo Colony)
  • Melany Johnson (unaffiliated Maidu; Cultural staff at Susanville Indian Rancheria)
  • John Valenzuela (Chair of San Fernando Band of Mission Indians)
  • Donna Yocum (Vice-Chair of San Fernando Band of Mission Indians)
  • Harriet Rhoades (Sherwood Band of Pomo; Chair of CDF Native American Advisory Council)
2006 Annual Meeting in Ventura
  • Gabriel Gorbet (Maidu)

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