NAPC Annual Meeting Sponsorship

The NAPC seeks Applications for the California Indian Sponsorship Program for The 2017 SCA Annual Meeting At Tenaya Lodge, Fish Camp, California.

Thursday, March 9th – Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Purpose and Background:

In 2005, the Society for California Archaeology (SCA) Executive Board granted the request of the SCA Native American Programs Committee (NAPC) to establish the California Indian Sponsorship Program, designed to raise monies, establish selection criteria, and offer funding to California Indians wishing to attend and participate in the SCA Annual Meeting. Since 2006, the NAPC has funded many California Natives’ attendance at the Annual Meetings.

The SCA NAPC is proud to announce sponsorships offered to California Indians interested in attending the SCA Annual Meeting at The Tenaya Lodge, Fish Camp (Yosemite!) from Thursday, March 9th to Sunday, March 12th (for full, updated information on the Annual Meeting, see

Sponsorship Awards for 2017 Annual SCA Meeting Participation (per individual):

Because of the high level of interest in attending the 2017 Annual Meeting by the California Native Community, we are making changes to the Sponsorship this year in order to facilitate broader Native attendance within our current budget constraints. Rather than award a few applicants “full” sponsorships, we are offering smaller assistance awards to a much larger pool of applications. There are three categories of the Sponsorship: Presenter, Attendee, and Observer:

Presenter – Applicant must be participating in the conference by giving a paper, taking on the role of discussant or panelist, or helping to lead a workshop. This Sponsorship includes a stipend for travel and per diem costs ($200), one conference registration with one Silent Auction and one banquet ticket (value $165) and a one-year SCA membership (value $75). There are seven (7) Presenter Sponsorships available.

Attendee – Applicant is interested in attending the conference to learn more about archaeology, the SCA and how to benefit your tribal community in the context of cultural resources management.            This Sponsorship includes one conference registration with one Silent Auction and one banquet ticket (value $165) and a one-year SCA Membership (value $75). There are eight (8) Attendee Sponsorships available.

Observer – Applicant is interested in attending the conference only to view events and support a tribal member, colleague or friend. This Sponsorship includes one conference registration (value $80). There are fourteen (14) Observer sponsorships available.

Selection Criteria and Process

(PLEASE READ ALL THE CRITERIA CAREFULLY to avoid rejection of your application or confusion in processing):

  • Applicants must submit a written statement that addresses how their attendance at the Annual Meeting will benefit them, their community and the SCA at large with reference to the Selection Criteria below.
  • Each Application MUST indicate which of the three Award Categories is being applied for; an applicant is only allowed to apply for one category this year.

Sponsorship Applications must be received by Tuesday, January 20, 2017,
to be considered for the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Send written statement (per selection criteria below) to NAPC Co-Chair Gregg Castro at the NAPC email address: For those using U.S. Postal Service, please mail to Gregg at 5225 Roeder Rd, San Jose, CA. 95111. For questions: emails are best at the above email address. For immediate needs, you can call Gregg at (408) 219-2754.

All applicants, including the selected recipients, will be notified no later than one month after the Sponsorship application submission deadline.

Criteria for selection of the California Indian Sponsorship Awards includes consideration of the following factors:

  1. (For Presenters) The applicant proposes to formally present a paper, participate in and/or organize a symposium, or submit a poster for poster session;
  2. The applicant expresses a specific interest in attending the Meeting because a particular issue or topic is being presented;
  3. The applicant proposes to represent and inform their community by learning more about the SCA and its Annual Meeting;
  4. The applicant is interested in exploring possible career opportunities in archaeology, anthropology, cultural resources management, academia, heritage tourism or other related field.
  5. Additional selection criteria for previously sponsored “Repeat” applicants:
    1. “Repeat” sponsorship awards will be considered by NAPC Subcommittee after “New” sponsorship applications are reviewed & screened as qualifying for available Sponsorships (per general Terms & Conditions, below). For example, if five sponsorships are available and five “New” applicants submit statements meeting selection criteria, then “Repeat” applicants will not be considered.  However, if five Sponsorships are available, but only four “New” applicants apply, then “Repeat” applicants will be considered.
    2. “Repeat” applicants must include in their application a statement that addresses the benefits of prior SCA Meeting Sponsorship to them personally, to their community, and to the SCA (i.e., how the benefits of SCA Meeting attendance were realized).

General Revised TERMS AND CONDITIONS for consideration of all Sponsorship Awards

(in addition to above):

  1. (For Presenters) Sponsorship recipient must decline the award if unable to attend the Meeting for at least two full days. Their application would be welcomed in another year when their Meeting participation can be more fully realized.
  2. (For all Award Categories) If a Recipient’s plans change and they cannot attend the Meeting, they must notify the NAPC or Designated Contact** at least 4 days before Recipient was expected to arrive at the Meeting.
  3. All Recipients must fill out an evaluation/questionnaire if provided by NAPC at the Meeting.
  4. Following the SCA Conference, all Recipients will write a brief summary of their conference experience to be submitted to the NAPC; it may be considered for publishing in a subsequent issue of the SCA Newsletter.
  5. Cash stipends for travel and per diem/meals will be delivered by the NAPC Contact** or his/her designee to Recipients upon arrival at the Meeting. Advance payments may be considered, but in any event, if the stipend is advanced and the Recipient’s attendance is canceled, then the stipend amount must be reimbursed by the Recipient to the SCA NAPC.
  6. Recipients are expected to attend the annual NAPC Open Meeting held at the SCA Annual Meeting (usually on Saturday; meeting day and time will be confirmed to each Recipient by the NAPC).


** “NAPC Contact**” means the NAPC designated point-of-contact for coordinating with selected Sponsorship Applicants (this information will be given to the Recipient, along with all needed information for the conference, upon being notified of the award).

Gregg Castro, Co-Chair, SCA NAPC