Student SCA Membership

The Society for California Archaeology (SCA) is a professional organization for archaeologists working in the State of California and adjacent areas. By becoming a student member, you are taking the first step in developing your career as an archaeologist. Student members receive all the benefits of regular members but at a reduced fee of just $30.00.

2021 Annual Meeting | Let’s Do Lunch/Student Mixer

This year, Let’s Do Lunch and the student mixer will be combined into a virtual multi-room event! Every year, established SCA professionals offer their time and experience to students and young professionals by taking them to lunch or attending the student mixer. The plan for 2021 is to have multiple Zoom rooms, each one based on a different topic and hosted by established professional(s), where students can drop in for discussion; additional rooms will also be available for undergraduates to connect with one another and with graduate students. Nearly 50 professional members participated in these events last year, lending their expert advice on a variety of interests, including tribal relations, CRM, underwater archaeology, historic and prehistoric archaeology, compliance, ethnography and material culture studies, diversity and inclusion in our field, and more. We are grateful for our generous members who are stepping up once again to assist our aspiring archaeologists!  Registration for student events will open closer to March.

Image of Cabrillo College field school
Cabrillo College Field School. Photo courtesy of Kaely Colligan

Student Origins

The SCA traces its origins to student activism and has long served student needs. As a student member, you have the opportunity to stay connected with what’s happening in the professional realm of California Archaeology—from  cutting-edge research, to policy and legislation, to Tribal concerns. As part of your membership, you will also receive the peer-reviewed academic journal, California Archaeology.

 Students, Cabrillo College Field School. Photo courtesy of Kaley Colligan.

Peers and Professionals

Plug into opportunities for your future in archaeology by attending conferences! The spring Annual Meeting and the fall Data Sharing Meetings provide the chance to network with professionals in the field, representatives from cultural resource management (CRM) firms, government agencies, and colleges with a focus on archaeology.

Student Awards

SCA Loves Students! Student Awards include the James A Bennhoff Award, the Chales E. Rozaire Awards, and the Outstanding Student Paper Award. These awards offer between $2500 and $2,000 to help support your research.

Bennyhoff Award
Charles E. Rozire Award
Outstanding Student & Poster Paper Award


Alden Neel of BLM’s Redding Field Office presenting at Chico Jr. High. Photo courtesy of Denise Wills.

Present and Volunteer

Share your research at the SCA’s Annual Meeting or a regional Data Sharing Meeting. These conferences are a great way to acquire experience and confidence in presenting your research, as well as gain skills that will contribute to your success in the field of archaeology. Signing up to volunteer at the annual SCA meeting waives the registration fee! The fall regional data sharing meetings in both northern and southern California are free and include dinner and camping.  The meetings are a great way to meet peers and professionals alike!

Jake Martin of the US Forest Service assists a child at the Chico Public Library. Photo Courtesy of Denise Wills.

Public Outreach

Support public outreach events in your community by hosting or participating in archaeological events in your neighborhood.