Campus Representative Network Information

The primary goal of the SCA Student Affairs Committee is to encourage and promote student involvement in the SCA’s meetings and events. One way to achieve this goal is by establishing a network of university and college campus representatives who will serve as liaisons between the SCA student affairs committee and students of a particular academic institution. Students with an interest in California Archaeology as well as institutions with a research orientation linked to California Archaeology will be targets for having a campus representative. The primary responsibilities of campus representatives are to:

  • Disseminate information (via email, flyers, word of mouth) about SCA student affairs and SCA events to the students of a particular institution.
  • Bring pertinent issues, concerns and ideas of students of a particular institution to the attention of the committee.
  • Post items of interest to students of California archaeology from the Reps’ home campus on the Student Affairs Facebook Group.
  • Ideally, campus representatives will attend the Student Affairs Committee meeting held at the SCA annual meeting during their term.

Campus Reps’ emails will be listed on the SCA Student Webpage so they can easily be contacted by students at their institution.

Campus Reps are asked to nominate a replacement when they finish their program or are no longer able to perform their duties as representatives.

Becoming a SCA Student Affairs Campus Representative is a great way to get involved in the California archaeological community and to contribute to student participation and input in SCA!

In addition to becoming a Campus Rep, there are many other opportunities for getting involved, from serving on the committee itself to helping establish and promote student workshops and events at SCA meetings.

If interested, please contact the Student Committee Chair Tori Eisenart at or the SCA Business Office at