2017 SCA Archaeology Month Mini-Grants


The Society for California Archaeology is committed to bringing the findings of archaeological research to a broad audience. This year, we are providing funds to help support public outreach efforts for Archaeology Month. Teachers, students, archaeologists, tribal groups, avocationalists, historians, and others who are promoting archaeology to the general public in a responsible manner are invited to apply for small support grants from the SCA.

The SCA has a total of $5,000 to administer; small grants are welcome and multiple grants may be awarded. Depending on the number of successful applicants, the SCA reserves the right to decrease the actual amount funded from the requested funding amount in order to remain within the budgeted grant program.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Grant funding will be used for a public archaeology event. Preference will be given for projects that reach a wide audience and/or underserved communities.
  • Costs supported include advertising (flyers, web design, signs, banners), materials and supplies for public-serving activities, and transportation expenses for presenters. Permanent facility improvements, overhead, wages, and fringe benefits are not covered.
  • SCA Archaeology Month posters will be provided to successful applicants for their event.

Reporting and Reimbursement

  • Grantees shall submit two photos and a description of their event for the December issue of the SCA newsletter. The specific deadline for submittal will be provided in the award notification.
  • A detailed invoice with documentation of expenditures will be required for reimbursement.

Complete the Application (https://scahome.org/archaeology-month-mini-grant-application/)

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