In response to recent events at another organization’s annual meeting, the SCA Executive Board requested that the SCA Standards and Ethics Advisory Committee develop anti-harassment policy and procedures for SCA sponsored events. Policy and procedures have been developed, reviewed, and approved by the Executive Board. These documents are now posted online for review by SCA membership. A vote to amend the Bylaws will be held at the Annual Business Meeting at 4:00 PM, Saturday, March 14, 2020, room MR 1.  The policy and procedures documents include:

  • SCA Meeting Safety Policy and Code of Conduct
  • SCA Code of Ethical Guidelines Bylaws Amendment
  • SCA Ban on Meeting Attendance and Expulsion Bylaws Amendment

Please take the time to review these very important documents and attend the Business Meeting to vote on their implementation. The SCA is committed to having a harassment-free environment at all SCA sponsored events.

SCA Bylaws Amendment 1(Membership section additions, banning, and expulsion)

SCA Bylaws Amendment 2 (Code of Ethics addition, anti-Harassment Bylaws)

SCA Meeting Safety Policy and Code of Conduct

SCA Disclosure Form- Appendix A (Onsite Reporting)

SCA Reporting Form Appendix B (Advance Reporting)