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Employment Information

Society for American Archaeology
(SAA) has a thorough and thoughtful discussion of careers, opportunities, and jobs in Archaeology. 

American Anthropological Association
(AAA) also has advice on careers in Anthropology. 

Archaeological Institute of America
AIA) publishes an archaeological field opportunities bulletin. 

American Cultural Resource Association
(ACRA) posts job announcements from throughout the U.S. and also has advice to first-time job seekers on getting a summer job. 

The home for archaeology technicians, and carries a long list of cultural resource management jobs. 

Includes lots of employment listings. 

Includes job listings for archaeologists and other earth science professionals. 

British Archaeological Jobs Resource
Includes information on job opportunities in Britain. 

Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History Jobs
Includes openings in those areas. 

Includes federal agency positions in archaeology. 

California State Parks
Includes archaeological positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions about a Career in Archaeology in the U.S.Addresses in a discussion and links assembled by David L. Carson of Texas A&M University 

Chronicle of Higher Education
Includes academic and staff positions in archaeology.


Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) 

Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 

American Anthropological Association (AAA) 

National Association of Student Anthropologists(NASA, a section of AAA) 

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) 

The Archaeological Conservancy 

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) 

The American Society for Ethnohistory (ASE)

The Archaeology Channel
Explores cultural heritage through streaming media. 

Features links to articles and a radiocarbon database. 

The George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library
Features UC Archaeological Survey, Contributions to the ARF, Publications of the ARF, KAS Publications and Special series, and UC Anthropology Records among some other things all in searchable pdf.

Institute for Canine Forensics is a non-profit organization located in Northern California for the advancement of research and education of Forensic Evidence and Human Remains Detection Dog teams.