The SCA is a volunteer organization. The Executive Board, of course, does some heavy lifting, but all our volunteers are vital.

2020 was especially crazy, as, after months of hard work and planning, the event was canceled. Special thanks to Program Chair Michael Bever
for his excellent work and attention to detail in wrangling the program, and to Local Arrangements Chair Sara Dietler as well as Silent Auctions Coordinators Vanessa Ortiz and Amber Madrid for planning what would have been another fabulous Silent Auction. 

Conference Planning Committee

Michael Bever | Program Chair
Sara Dietler | Local Arrangements Chair
Courtney Higgins and Sarah Izzi | Registration Coordinators
Edgar Huerta | Audio Visual Coordinator
Darren Andolina | Volunteer Coordinator Sannie Osborn | Book Room Coordinator
Kristina Roper | Silent Auction Beverage Coordinator
Amber-Marie Madrid and Vanessa Ortiz | Silent Auction Donations Coordinators
Barb Siskin | Banquet Coordinator
Gregg Castro and William Madrigal, Jr. | Native American Programs Committee
Noemi Bustamante and Tori Eisenhardt | Student Affairs Committee

Registration Volunteers

Bonnie Bryant
Louis Curson-Mayorga
Mary Oster
Amaretta Azevedo
Cortney Whitehouse
Dustin Pollard
Mark Selverston
Hugh Radde
Rachel Bilchak
Elyes Duarte
Devin Snyder
Kelsey Courtrich
Katherine Crosmer
Scott Jones

Christine Lambert
David Nicholson
Raechel Ramirez
English Rollins
Emily Gallo
Ren Rovanpera
Daisy Linsangan
Annemarie Cox
Marcy Gerbic
Juliette Meling
Georgia Duddihy
Carie Montero
Jeremy Freeman
Brian Barbier