The SCA is a volunteer organization. The Executive Board, of course, does some heavy lifting, but all our volunteers are vital.

Meeting volunteers receive a significant discount on their conference fee, meet other archaeologists and are more fully engaged in the SCA. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Darren Andolina at (530) 908-6713 or moc.liamgnull@nerradanilodna. 

Conference Planning Committee

Wendy Nettles and Justin Wisely — Program Co-Chairs 
Marco Meniketti and Carie Montero — Local Arrangements Co-Chairs 
Gregory Burns — Audio-Visual Coordinator
Darren Andolina and Johanna Marty — Volunteer Coordinators
Amira Ainis and Brendon Greenaway — Ethics Bowl Coordinators
Lynn Compas — Book Room Coordinator
Kristina Roper — Silent Auction Beverage Coordinator
Jennifer Barbee, Emma Cook, and Thomas Crimmel — Donations Coordinators
Shelly Davis-King — Banquet Coordinator
Gregg Castro — Native American Programs Committee
Tori Eisenhardt — Student Affairs Committee

Registration Volunteers

Darren Andolina
Heather Atherton
Suzanne Baker
Brian Barbier
Scott Baxter
Jennifer Butler
Kimberly Cazares
Emma Cook
Michelle Courtney
Thomas Crimmel
Daniel Davis
Shelly Davis-King
Elizabeth Davison
GeorgeAnn DeAntoni
Martha Diaz-Longo
Doshia Dodd
Shanea Dornan
Tori Eisenhart
Marisol Espino
Katee Gustavson
Debra Hargett
Sarah Heffner
Courtney Higgins
Brittany Hill
Jan Johansen
Emma Jones
Amanda Kamp
Hayley Kievman

Jaimie Konsitzke
Ian Lamascus
Christine Lambert
Nora Loffredo
Ffiona MacFarlane
Andy Matessa
Ajeng McCunney
Sailakshmi Moorthy
Simone Muhammad
Jeffrey Mulford
Hillary Murphy
Matthew Neel
Abel Reyna
Phoenix Rumbaugh
Maya Schults
Ryan Sedgwick
Mark Selverston
Saloni Sharma
Jillian Smittle
Devin Snyder
Liv Staton
Yiran Su
Aleck Tan
Jessica Tudor Elliott
Blaize Uva
Marianna Vezey
Tom Wheeler
Kimberly Wooten