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The Future of the California Historical Resources Information System Information Centers to be Discussed at the Upcoming State Historical Resources Commission Meeting (April 28-29, 2015) 

The California State Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) has contracted with The Results Group to prepare a CHRIS Service Delivery Model Analysis. This report includes a study of CHRIS IC finances and operations as well as recommendations for reorganization of the system.  Four organizational models were analyzed: (1) no change to the number of ICs [currently 9, although there were 10 when the study began]; (2) a range of ICs, from 2-4; (3) one IC; and (4) no ICs [all duties carried out by the OHP].  Changes are to take place once digitization of the CHRIS inventory is complete (Phases I and II of the CHRIS Modernization and Sustainability Plan). 

The final Service Delivery Model report will be posted on OHP’s website and will be provided to the State Historical Resources Commission in preparation for the 4/28-4/29 meeting in San Diego. A copy of the report will be made available to interested parties on the CHRIS page of OHP’s website after April 17th.

At a “CHRIS Symposium” meeting Monday March 30th 2015, the OHP, The Results Group, CHRIS IC Coordinators, and a group of 15 stakeholders, including tribal representatives, planners, agency archaeologists, and private consultants, discussed a Future Vision for the CHRIS.  Comments raised by the stakeholders emphasized the importance of: (1) a flexible structure to accommodate all the CHRIS users (large companies, agencies, tribes, planners, researchers); (2) the importance of keeping regional centers; (3) sustainable funding for the CHRIS; (4) stronger leadership from OHP; and (5) establishing digital security protocols for the CHRIS and CHRIS clients.

In addition to the Modernization Plan and the Service Delivery Model, the OHP also contracted with Farallon Geographics to produce an Information Center Inventory Assessment which included CHRIS-wide recommendations for improving digitization throughout the CA OHP.  The OHP is proposing another study for 2015, the CHRIS Transition Plan which will redefine some of the IC functions, and will be based in part on the final Service Delivery Model report. This plan will result in a more specific vision of the future CHRIS and the activities that the CHRIS conducts. It will also lay out a course of action for realizing this vision.

These critical issues will be discussed in public meetings at the upcoming State Historical Resources Commission meeting to be held in San Diego April 28th and 29th.  The CHRIS Service Delivery Model Analysis, including recommendations for future reductions in the number of Information Centers, will be presented to the Commission on April 28th.  The CHRIS Modernization and Sustainability Plan status and objectives (this is broader, incorporates the SDM, Inventory Assessment, and the Action Plan status, plus next steps) will be discussed on April 29th.  The public (including any SCA members or other CHRIS users) may attend both days.  Additionally, comments regarding these CHRIS issues may be mailed or emailed to the SHRC commissioners using the addresses on the SHRC portion of OHP’s website

The OHP will consider feedback at the SHRC meeting and welcomes comments and suggestions concerning the planned course of action. If you have questions regarding the information above concerning the future of the CHRIS please contact Eric Allison at OHP ( or call or email your regional Information Center.