Vol. 50 No. 4 December 2016
Petroglyph thefts near Bishop stun federal authorities, Paiutes

Ancient hunters and gatherers etched vivid petroglyphs on cliffs in the Eastern Sierra that withstood winds, flash floods and earthquakes for more than 3,500 years. Thieves needed only a few hours to cut them down and haul them away. In the article, the “visitor” who discovered the damage was a BLM volunteer site steward. This volunteer […]

California Archaeology and Climate Change

The Society for California Archaeology Prepares for Climate Change Throughout the month of October, SCA volunteers from all over northern California met in Marin County to begin surveying the coastline in preparation for the pending impacts of climate change. The SCA focused on Point Reyes National Seashore, Tomales Bay State Park, Mount Tamalpais State Park, […]

Women in California Archaeology

SCA’s new committee, Women in California Archaeology (WCA), was formed in Spring 2012 to provide a venue for discussion related to women archaeologists in California. The WCA will work to provide support and mentorship to women practicing archaeology in the state through individual and/or group interactions. The WCA has a core committee and members. Any […]

13 New Historical Landmarks

On March 6, 2012, the Secretary of Interior announced the designation of thirteen new National Historic Landmarks. Among the designees is the Carrizo Plain Archeological District in California. Among the many archaeological resources contained in the Carrizo District are a sizable number of pre-European contact sites.

Caltrans announces a continuous on-line exam for entry level archaeologists

Connect to the State Personnel Board link here for details on the job description, how to complete the application form, and eligibility requirements. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology or closely related field and one year of experience. Salary range is $3106 – $3425 (with state benefits on top of that). This exam will get you […]