Future Meetings

Future Meetings

2020 Data Sharing Meetings

2020 Fall Data Sharing Meetings Canceled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

After careful consideration and discussion among the SCA Executive Board, we are sorry to inform you that, out of an abundance of caution, the North and South Data Sharing Meetings will not be held this year. The safety of our members is our top priority and we could not in good conscience bring our members to a gathering where community transmission of the virus might occur. The COVID 19 pandemic will clearly still be with us in the fall and the situation could easily worsen. The best-case scenario would probably be what we have today; the need to wear masks and socially distance. While it is conceivably possible to hold data sharing meetings under those circumstances, it would not be the kind of social interaction that makes the data sharing meetings fun, informative, and provides the opportunity for younger members to interact with the veteran members of our Society. Given the lead time and effort that it takes to plan data sharing meetings, we felt it necessary to make this decision now based on the information we have and the uncertainty of conditions this fall. Instead, as part of the October Archaeology Month, we will plan online events that will allow our members to interact and remain engaged. We will be planning these events during the coming months and welcome suggestions from you as to what you would like. All of the Executive Board will be involved in this effort, but if you have any ideas, please forward them to  Northern and Southern Vice Presidents, Glenn Russell (gro.emohACSnull@nnelG), and Brendon Greenaway (gro.emohACSnull@nodnerB). We look forward to your suggestions.

Annual Meetings

2022 56th Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 3-6
Visalia Marriott

2023 57th Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 30-02, 2022
Marriott Oakland City Center

2024 58th Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 7-10, 2024
Riverside Convention Center

2025 59th Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 13-15, 2025
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport