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The California Department of Transportation is recruiting for an Archaeologist, Associate Environmental Planner – Archaeology, in Marysville, CA.  Will also consider Environmental Planner – Archaeology.

This vacancy is available on the CalCareers website.  Interested applicants can view the announcement, duty statement, and application link below:

Location: Marysville, California

Closing Date: 9/22/2022

Salary: $6,387-$7,999 per month



Under the direction of the Senior Environmental Planner, Office of Environmental Management, the incumbent as a participating interdisciplinary team member is responsible for archaeology studies and project effects analysis for transportation projects pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and other applicable state and federal regulations. The incumbent identifies and evaluates archaeological resources as part of the transportation project development process; prepares written analyses of such resources as an aid in the development of modal and design alternatives for transportation projects; identifies and analyzes impacts of transportation projects on historical values and their interrelationships to other cultural resources; develops and recommends mitigation measures to avoid or minimize identified impacts upon these resources.

Conducts field surveys and prepares written technical reports (Archaeological Survey Reports, Phase 1, Extended Phase 1 and Phase 2 Reports) on archaeological resources that lie within the area of potential effects of transportation projects to evaluate the potential significance of the resource, and require familiarity with, and use of, archaeological technical terminology. Summarizes these reports and prepares comprehensive Historic Property Survey Reports or Historic Resource Compliance Reports which address cultural and historic properties, in the area of potential effects of transportation projects. Responsible for the preparation of technical memos, screening memos, and other technical writing addressing historical, preservation, or cultural resource issues.

Conducts analysis and prepares written technical reports (Finding of Effect Reports) about possible or anticipated project effects on archaeological resources. Prepares technical reports, such as entitled Treatment Plans or Data Recovery Plans, on proposed mitigation for potential effects on archaeological resources. Interacts in the field, in the office, by telephone, and by letter with interested Native American individuals and other groups in the course of the above work. Develops Memoranda of Agreement to memorialize mitigation commitments for the Department. Carries out mitigation responsibilities and works with district engineering staff to ensure that historic properties adjacent to construction projects are protected.

You must be on the Caltrans examination list to be eligible for this position. Eligibility for hire is determined by your score on the exam. The exam is located here:




$6,387.00 – $7,999.00 per Month

Final Filing Date: 9/22/2022


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