Job: Principal Investigator/Project Manager, Historical Archaeology

Title Principal Investigator/Project Manager, Historical Archaeology
Salary Commensurate with experience
Post Date 05-18-20
Location Santa Cruz, California
Job Information

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Albion Environmental, Inc. — At Albion we aim to provide the highest-quality cultural and natural resource consulting services. We serve our clients faithfully, efficiently, and competently, and foster connections to our community. Albion has two offices providing services statewide in Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Anthropology or Archaeology
  • Expertise in regional historical archaeology
  • Minimum 5 years supervisory experience
  • Project Management experience
  • Professional comprehension of CRM laws and regulations
  • Substantial experience directing field projects
  • Expertise in a technical specialty
  • Expertise in archival research
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

Position Description:

This position is being advertised for our Santa Cruz office and the successful candidate must be based in Santa Cruz. The Principal Investigator/Project Manager (PI/PM) possesses a minimum of an MA in Anthropology or Archaeology, with at least ten years of technical experience and at least five years of leadership experience. The candidate is a qualified Principal Investigator in California historical archaeology with extensive experience working in the role of Project Manager. Education and work experience provides the employee with advanced knowledge in the field of Archaeology. Training and experience should include comprehension of CRM laws (CEQA, NEPA, Section 106, and NAGPRA), formal training on a broad range of projects, a background in California history, an understanding of applicable theoretical approaches to research, and familiarity with a range of archaeological skills including field and laboratory methods, analytical techniques, and writing abilities. The PI/PM is a leadership role. The employee is expected to professionally represent Albion to clients, subcontractors, stakeholders, and the public. They are also expected to help develop standards and expectations, mentor, supervise, and review performance of junior Archaeology staff. For this job opening, expertise in historical archaeology is required, including relevant field methods, material culture analysis, archival research, and scholarly literature as they apply to a California context.

The PI/PM has extensive experience planning, designing, and directing archaeological field and lab work at a senior level. The employee possesses exceptional technical writing skills and a record of completing and editing technical reports on deadlines. The employee must also demonstrate a substantial publishing/reporting record, excellent oral and written communication skills, and remain current on historic period archaeological research in the region. The PI/PM develops scopes of work and budgets, and is also responsible for writing treatment plans and research designs. The employee is responsible for directing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring scientific quality of projects, ensuring compliance with applicable statutes and regulations, and for following established schedules and budgets. The employee possesses strong organizational skills and must be able to multitask. Knowledge of and experience with current technologies of electronic data collection, analysis, display, and reporting are essential.

The PI/PM provides effective leadership on projects, and will directly and indirectly supervise multiple teams of other archaeologists. It is the employee’s role to instruct field and lab personnel and provide QA/QC oversight of all project aspects. The employee is expected to respectfully communicate with a variety of clients, agency staff, professional colleagues, fellow workers, descendent communities, and the public. The employee is also responsible for all financial aspects of a project. The employee works closely with Albion Principals, especially the CFO, and Senior Staff to identify potential projects and develop scopes of work and budgets. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the CFO approves all budgets, change orders, etc., before they are sent to the client. The employee also possesses independent marketing skills concentrating on the employee’s own reputation and connections. The employee is actively involved in Albion management and marketing including developing client relationships, writing proposals, developing marketing materials, and bringing in contracts.

The PI/PM has a technical specialty (e.g., ceramic analysis, GIS), and applies their expertise on Albion proposals and projects. The employee has developed and practiced an experienced methodology for their specialized analyses (i.e., understands attributes, data recordation, and data analysis). Further, the specialist is well versed in the literature related to their specialty, and has a firm grasp of relevant research themes and questions. They are encouraged to actively participate in professional development to continue to develop their expertise (stay up to date on recent literature, attend conferences, publish their work, etc.). During the course of a project, they may make decisions regarding changes to project research design or scope of work related to their area of expertise, and communicate with other project staff concerning all changes that may occur. They lead laboratory teams related to their specialty, and are required to help develop the skill set of junior staff.

To Apply:

Send a letter of interest and CV to Cindy Convisser, Project Administrator at

Position is open until filled.