In general, community colleges offer courses in Anthropology and Associate of Arts (A.A.) degrees can be earned with emphases in anthropology or related fields. State Universities (CSUs) typically offer Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and occasionally Master’s (M.A.) degrees in Anthropology. California Universities (UCs) are the only state institutions to offer Ph.D.s in Anthropology and generally only award M.A.s. on route to the Ph.D. However, each program is unique, and specifics can be researched via the links below.

School Department & Link Highest Degree
in Anthropology
Faculty with California Focus
Bakersfield (CSU) Sociology and Anthropology Bachelors Mark SuttonRobert Yohe
Berkeley (UC) Anthropology Ph.D.
Kent LightfootSteven Shackley
Cabrillo College Archaeological Technician Program Archaeological Technician certificate
Dustin McKenzie
California Polytechnic SLO Social Sciences Bachelors
Terry Jones, Robert L. Hoover
Cal Poly Pomona Anthropology Bachelors Mark AllenRichard Hyslop
Channel Islands (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors Colleen Delaney, Jennifer Perry
Chico (CSU) Anthropology Masters Frank BayhamGeorgia Fox, Antoinette Martinez
Cypress College Social Sciences Bachelors
Davis (UC) Anthropology Ph.D.
Robert L. BettingerChristyann Darwent,Jelmer Eerkens
Dominguez Hills (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors
Jerry Moore
East Bay (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors Beverly Ortiz
Fresno (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors John PryorKristina Roper
Fresno City College Archaeology Archaeological Technician Certification
Jill Minar
Fullerton (CSU) Anthropology Masters Brenda Bowser

Steve James

Edward Knell

Humboldt (SU) Anthropology Bachelors

Cultural Resources Facility

Jaime Roscoe
Irvine (UC) Anthropology Ph.D. Jon Ericson
Long Beach (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors Carl LipoHector NeffDaniel Larson
Los Angeles (CSU) Anthropology Masters Patricia Martz, Rene Vellenoweth
Los Angeles (UC) Anthropology Ph.D.
Jeanne Arnold
Mendocino College Anthropology courses
Merced (UC) Anthropology Bachelors Kathleen Hull
Merritt College Anthropology Associates
Monterey Bay (CSU) Social & Behavioral Sciences Bachelors Susan Morley
Moorpark College Anthropology courses Colleen Delaney-Rivera
Northridge (CSU) Anthropology Masters Matthew Boxt
Northridge (CSU) Anthropology Future details to come!

The Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Field School is a collaborative research project with Tongva/Gabrielino tribal members, the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy and California State University, Northridge.

The field school provides students with practical working knowledge of survey, excavation, lab and cataloging methods while immersing them in the 9,000 years of prehistoric maritime history of the Tongva/Gabrielino nation. Students will also learn about how to apply cultural resource laws to public sector archaeological work.

Situated just off the coast of Los Angeles, Catalina Island was historically an important trading supply outpost for Southern California and beyond. The field school is part of the on-going Pimu Catalina Island Archaeological Project (PCIAP), which is working to assess and protect archaeological sites on Catalina.

X or at (310) 825- 1864
Palomar College Anthropology Associates Phil De Barros
Pomona College Anthropology Bachelors  
Riverside (UC) Anthropology Ph.D. Philip Wilke
Sacramento (CSU) Anthropology Masters

The Master of Arts degree program prepares students for professional careers in archaeology by providing practical instruction as well as a solid theoretical and methodological background. The faculty includes several archaeologists with a CRM background actively pursuing research in California and the Great Basin. The Archaeological Research Center (ARC) provides opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to learn while participating in real-world CRM archaeology projects for a variety of federal, state, and private clients throughout the state. The Archaeological Curation Facility (ACF) provides a setting for students interested in archaeology to gain hands-on experience working with archaeological collections.

ARC Website:

Mark BasgallMichael DelacorteDavid Zeanah, Jacob FisherNathan Stevens
San Bernardino (CSU) Anthropology The Master of Arts in Applied Archaeology is a professionally oriented program designed to prepare students for middle- and upper-level careers in the archaeological sector of the cultural resource management (CRM) industry. The program provides training in anthropological archaeology with a focus on developing a solid background in archaeological method and theory combined with practical experience in field and laboratory studies. Students are then trained how to use that background in an applied setting through courses focused on CRM regulations and practice, along with on-the-job training through an internship with a federal or state agency, private firm, or tribal entity that conducts archaeological investigations in the context of CRM. Program faculty include archaeologists with CRM experience who have active research projects in California and Mesoamerica.



San Diego City College Anthropology Certificate of Performance in Archaeology
Associate of Arts in AnthropologyThe San Diego City College field class provides training in both prehistoric and historic period archaeology at a site located in San Diego.  The field and analysis classes consist of professional instruction by experts in California archaeology.
X Tori Randall

Susan Hector

Amy Ross


San Diego (SU) Anthropology Masters
San Diego (UC) Anthropology Ph.D. Patricia Masters (at Scripps)
San Francisco (SU) Anthropology Masters Gary PahlLee DavisDavid Kojan
San Francisco (UC) Medical Anthropology Ph.D.
San Jose (SU) Anthropology Masters   X Marco Meniketti
San Marcos (CSU) Social Sciences courses
Santa Barbara (UC) Anthropology Ph.D. Michael Glassow, Lynn Gamble
Santa Barbara City College Anthropology Associates R. Dennis Ringer
Santa Cruz (UC) Anthropology Ph.D.
Diane Gifford-GonzalezChelsea Blackmore
Santa Rosa Junior College Behavioral Sciences Associates
Shasta College Anthropology courses
Sonoma (SU) Anthropology Masters Adrian PraetzellisMargaret PurserMichael Newland
Stanford Cultural & Social Anthropology Ph.D.
Stanislaus (CSU) Anthropology Bachelors
University of Oregon Anthropology Ph.D. Jon ErlandsonDoug Kennett, Madonna Moss
USC Anthropology Ph.D.
University Nevada, Reno Anthropology Ph.D.      X Christopher T. Morgan
Utah State University Anthropology Masters
Patricia Lambert
West Valley College Anthropology Associates
Washington State University (WSU) Anthropology Ph.D. Shannon Tushingham
Programs Abroad with California Focus
University of Central Lancashire (UK) Archaeology Ph.D. David Robinson
Fieldschools Not Associated with California Schools
Balkan Heritage (BH) Field School Six projects in the area of Archaeology, Art History, Restoration and Conservation of artifacts and monuments, Fine Arts and Christian art.