Important Notice – 2020 Meeting Cancellation

A Virtual Archaeology into the Future

When we came upon the theme of Archaeology into the Future, this is not the future that we envisioned. But here we are. Viruses. Environmental footprint concerns. Social isolation. To complicate our thinking, rescheduling the meeting at our Riverside venue is not working out as we hoped, and the economic and social effects of the Coronavirus are completely unknown. Given the uncertainty of the timeframe for coronavirus pandemic to play out, the SCA is canceling the 2020 meeting.

The SCA Board is embracing the future and the promise of technology is here to see us through some of this. In the next several weeks, we will be working on online presentation capabilities for those who can use that format. We are moving ahead with Proceedings 34 – if you are an author, you receive a call for submissions early next week. Our Northern and Southern Vice Presidents are enhancing our fall data sharing meetings and we will keep you updated.

2020 Annual Meeting Refunds

SCA will refund meeting registration fees, minus transaction fees. Many individuals and companies will suffer financially from this pandemic, and the SCA is not excepted–we are taking a financial hit. Several members have kindly donated their fees to support the society at this difficult time. We ask that if you can afford to do so, you consider doing the same. Refunds will be issued upon request through the link below. Please respond no later than April 17, 2020. (Please note that students and non-members will receive refunds automatically.)

Request A Refund



Program App-View the 2020 Meeting Program

The Program App is now available. Please note that some portions, like the Book Room, are still in the works. Access the desktop app at



Download the Print Program


Thursday, March 12—Sunday, March 15, 2020

Riverside Convention Center



The 2020 conference location is the Riverside Convention Center, with our negotiated room block at the Mission Inn and the Marriott.

Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501   
$169 Single, Double, or Quad

Book the Mission Inn at

Phone: (951) 784-0300

The last day to book at the negotiated rate is Monday, February 17, 2020

Riverside Marriott at the Convention Center

3400 Market Street, Riverside, California 92501 USA
$149 Single, Double, or Quad

Register at

Phone: 855-335-6727

The last day to book at the negotiated rate is Monday, February 17, 2020

Airport Transportation

  • The Convention Center is located ~15.5 miles from the Ontario Airport, estimated travel time ~21 minutes.
  • Our apologies, we previously advertised the airport shuttles were available from Super Shuttle. Super Shuttle went out of business on December 31, 2019. 
  • Estimated Uber rates start at ~$28.00 one way.


Archaeology into the Future

One of the promises of archaeology has always been that knowledge of the past will inform the future. The SCA encourages its members to realize this potential in many ways:

  • Conduct archaeological studies that are relevant and inclusive to descendant communities;
  • Integrate multiple, diverse perspectives to interpret and understand the past;  
  • Mine archaeological topics to address current environmental topics such as climate change;
  • Present archaeological results in engaging, informative, and innovative ways;
  • Incorporate modern technology and tools for better data collection and presentation; and more.

For the 2020 meeting, we ask that each member consider these ideas in the creation of paper presentations, symposium topics, forums, posters, and other sessions. The SCA encourages the use of videos, shorter presentations with time for questions, and any other mechanism to encourage diverse viewpoints and engage the audience.  


The Mission Inn Hotel. Photo courtesy of the Riverside Convention & Visitor’s bureau.

The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held at the Riverside Convention Center, March 12-15, 2020. We have negotiated room blocks at the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa ($169) and the Riverside Marriott ($149), both just a few minutes’ walk from the Convention Center, nestled into the heart of the Historic Downtown District, with its artisan restaurants, craft breweries, and unique boutique shopping.

The Mission Inn is a truly special location. Built in 1876, the hotel is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This charming hotel boasts “one-of-a-kind architecture including awe-inspiring archways and flying buttresses, secluded garden oases, and soaring domes and towers,” with “opulent rooms that transport guests to California’s foregone eras” ( Two walking tours of the hotel will be offered on Sunday, March 15, for those wishing to explore areas of the Inn that are not available to the general public. There are several restaurants and bars on-site, including the Las Campanas Tequila Bar and Restaurant, The Sushi Bar, Duane’s Prime Steaks and Seafood, the Mission Inn Restaurant, Bella Trattoria, and the famous Presidential Lounge. The recently remodeled Marriott is a quick walk from the convention center and also offers an on-site restaurant and bar. Heroes Restaurant and Brewery, The Salted Pig, and Prohibition Whiskey Lounge and Kitchen and others are a few blocks out.

The convention center itself has been named one of the top three best centers in California two years in a row. The center offers wide and beautiful upper and lower concourses that are easy to navigate and have plenty of space for meetings and events and offers amenities such as a mothers’ room with lockable storage, privacy, and refrigeration. And yes, the Women in California Archaeology Committee is once again bringing childcare to the meeting! The convention center also has a green initiative, meaning our event will be a bit kinder to the environment. This consists of recycling, individual room temperature control, and water refill stations.


The SCA’s Friday morning plenary session will highlight speakers that reflect this year’s conference theme, Archaeology into the Future. Topics will include the use of new technology to document and share our past, the integration of descendant communities in the planning, research, and reporting of archaeological projects, and the use of archaeology to reenergize and reimagine our communities. 


The 2020 Reception/Silent Auction and beer and wine tasting event will be held at the Riverside Convention Center. Staying at the meeting venue means no bus ride and more time to spend with our friends and colleagues. Dinner will feature a delightful taco bar, a raw and grilled veggie spread with dips, empanadas, and artisan salad. As you taste and sip your way through the offerings, there will be many items up for auction as usual. From books to citrus, to antiques and crafts, the silent auction always has something for everyone. Years past have featured a surfboard, rare maps, and handmade jewelry. As usual, the fabulous CRM firms that are a part of our community will host a variety of tasty beverages for your perusal. The Silent Auction is always a popular event and offers wonderful opportunities to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We encourage you to buy your ticket early; this event often sells out!


Veterans Curation Program

Dr. Joe Joseph and Kate Leese will present on the Veterans Curation Program (VCP). The Veterans Curation Program was created to provide veterans a bridging experience from military service into the public sector, and to process at-risk archaeological collections belonging to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The VCP has six locations through the U.S., including a San Mateo facility that opened in November 2018.  

Overseas contingency operations have increased the number of veterans and wounded warriors who may need additional training in order to compete in the mainstream job market. Through its investment in service members, the VCP builds on skills that veterans acquire during military service, including leadership, teamwork, and attention to detail, and assists these valuable members of society with finding permanent employment and enrolling in institutions of higher education. 

Banquet Dinner Options

  • Espresso-Crusted Tri-Tip Sliced Espresso-Rubbed Tri-Tip, Creamy Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Drizzled with Ancho Chile Demi-Glace
  • Stuffed Chicken Breast Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach & Cheese, Drizzled with Smoked Tomato Cream Sauce, resting on Mushroom Risotto & Sautéed Vegetables
  • Stuffed Portabello Portabello Mushroom Stuffed with Rainbow Quinoa and Mixed Vegetables (Vegan+Gluten Free)


Please be aware that all workshops are scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2020, and are presented concurrently. Please check scheduled times and Don’t Double Book!





OSTE1: Introduction to Comparative Osteology

Instructor: Melanie Beasley

Encountering human or non-human bone in the field is something many of us experience. This hands-on workshop is designed to help archaeologists and monitors get acquainted with basic osteological identification methods. The workshop will use comparative materials to focus on identifying human versus non-human bone. This course is a basic introduction to the skeleton and features that can be useful for differentiating human from other mammal bone. Preregistration is required.

 Maximum enrollment: 25  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Cost: $40.00

OSTE2: Advanced Human Osteology

Instructor: Melanie Beasley

Often we encounter human bone in the field and it is the only opportunity to capture information to contribute to the analysis and interpretation of human remains. This hands-on workshop is designed to help archaeologists and monitors recognize the key features to distinguish sex, age, ancestry, and distinguishing life history features. This workshop is not intended as a substitute for consulting with a biological anthropologist for the analysis of remains, but rather to equip archaeologists to recover and recognize information that is important for skeletal analysis that is sometimes lost after remains are removed from the field context. Emphasis will be placed on what information can be gained from highly fragmented human remains. Preregistration is required.

 Maximum enrollment: 25  1:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  Cost: $40.00

Foraging Theory and Practice

Instructor: Robert L. Bettinger, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, UC Davis

This workshop will introduce the theoretical foundation of foraging theory, beginning with the concept of rational choice and definition of costs and benefits. Explores application of the foraging models most amenable to application to the archaeological and ethnographic record. Participants may sign up for morning and afternoon, morning only, or afternoon only. Session costs cover flash drive programmed with spreadsheets to execute application of all models covered. Must bring laptop to obtain full benefit. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel highly useful. Preregistration is required.

FORA1: Foraging Theory and Practice

Morning Session
Rational choice theory
Foraging costs and benefits
Diet breadth
Front vs. back loaded resources

 Maximum enrollment: 30  8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Cost: $35.00

FORA2: Foraging Theory and Practice

Afternoon Session
Linear programming
Marginal value theorem
Field processing
Technological investment (including newest, unpublished models)


 Maximum enrollment: 30  1:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Cost: $35.00

ROCK1: Rock Art Conservation Management for Site Stewards and Managers

Instructor: Jeremy Freeman

Rock art is a resource that captures people’s attention and provides a way for modern people to relate to ancient people.  However, it is also one of the most sensitive resources due to its high visibility and changing climatic conditions that threaten the stability, integrity, and aesthetic quality of the sites.  In this workshop participants will learn how to identify the transformational processes affecting rock art sites.  Participants will learn how to complete a condition assessment form and collect conservation management data that will provide a better understanding of the conservation needs of a rock art site.  Participants will learn about preparing a conservation management plan along with intervention procedures used by professionals to help conserve rock art sites.  Participants will, additionally, learn about methods used to collect conservation management data and how it can be used to make better-informed decisions by site managers. Preregistration is required.

 Maximum enrollment: 30  8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m..  Cost: $40.00

ROCK2: Using 21st Century Technology for Non-intrusive Rock Art Documentation

Instructor: Jeremy Freeman

Advances in technology have resulted in a metamorphosis in archaeological methods with an increasing emphasis on non-invasive, non-destructive techniques.  Modern technology is allowing researchers to adapt of new analytical methods without compromising the integrity the archaeological evidence.  This is particularly true in rock art research that has experienced an increased push for non-intrusive documentation.  In this workshop participants will learn about some of the technologies available to researchers to document rock art non-destructively using modern technology.  Participants will learn about collecting and storing data, creating high-resolution imagery and virtual 3D models, creating digital renderings of figures and panels, deducing super-positioning and sequences of figure placement, collecting objective color data, assessing chemical composition of paint, and collecting geospatial data. Preregistration is required.

 Maximum enrollment: 30  1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m..  Cost: $25.00

OBSI: Obsidian Hydration Dating Workshop

Instructor: Alexander (Sandy) Rogers

As with all chronometric techniques, obsidian hydration dating cannot be treated as a black box. The goal of this workshop is to provide insight into the theory and methods of obsidian hydration dating (OHD). It should enable the archaeologist to perform OHD analyses and the manager to ask the right questions. The workshop will cover the basic principles of obsidian hydration and the models employed in dating; how to develop an appropriate effective hydration temperature (EHT); various methods of computing a hydration rate; guidelines for data analysis; and numerous cautions. An Excel spreadsheet with numerical models for conducting an OHD analysis will be provided, and we will do some hands-on exercises. Mathematics will be kept to a minimum, but cannot be avoided entirely. Some familiarity with Microsoft Excel is desirable, so please bring your laptop with Excel. Preregistration is required.

Maximum enrollment: 25 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Cost: $40.00

Walking Tour of the Mission Inn

The Mission Inn Foundation offers a 75-minute walking tour led by trained docents on the art, architecture, and history of the Mission Inn. This is your opportunity to see parts of the National Historic Landmark that are inaccessible to the general public based on hotel availability.

 Maximum enrollment: 45  1:00, 1:15, and 1:30 p.m.  Cost: $15.00


Let’s Do Lunch

Let’s Do Lunch pairs students with more senior members for lunch, providing students an opportunity to meet archaeological professionals and ask questions about obtaining a job, building a resume, or getting into graduate school. Pairing people at random gives students a chance to meet professionals that they might not otherwise encounter at the meeting. This also gives the senior members of our Society a chance to mentor the next generation of California archaeologists and pass along knowledge about how to be successful in the field.

Let’s Do Lunch will be held on Saturday, March 14, at 12:00 p.m. (meet in the registration area at 11:45 a.m.). The SCA will arrange for a venue for the luncheon. The regular member is asked to “treat” the student member by buying them lunch. While regular members will be paired with a single student, the venue will probably seat multiple pairs together, so there will be opportunities for students to chat with more than one professional. This is a wonderful event, so please check the box in your registration packet to participate in Let’s Do Lunch. Buying lunch for a student member is the best investment in the future of the SCA and can make all a real difference!

Student Mixer

The Student Affairs Committee has organized its annual Student Mixer at the SCA Annual Meeting. The goal of the Student Mixer is to provide students an opportunity to network with archaeology professionals and academics in the California archaeological community. Students, please come and take advantage of the years of collective wisdom from our group of professionals participating in this year’s event. Come prepared to mix, mingle, and ask questions about getting archaeology jobs or internships in California, advice for creating more competitive resumes, and suggestions for getting into graduate programs.

The student mixer will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. prior to the Annual Banquet on Saturday, March 14, in conjunction with a cash bar. Come one, come all to mix and mingle and provide advice to the next generation of California archaeologists.


The Silent Auction is an important fundraising event for the SCA. The success of this event is completely dependent on the generosity of all members of our Society. We encourage you to think outside the box this year to help us get donations and make this the most successful auction ever! Do you have a timeshare that you might be willing to donate a week of? A friend who owns a winery that might be willing to donate a gift basket or wine tasting? A local business you frequent that might donate a gift basket or certificate? A behind the scenes tour at a museum or other venue? Theme park tickets? Individual members and businesses are encouraged to donate any items that will help raise money for the SCA, so please branch out this year and ask the businesses you frequent, work for, or have other connections with to donate!

For businesses, the Silent Auction represents a great opportunity to let all attendees know that your firm is an active, generous participant within the archaeological community. Don’t forget, your donations are tax-deductible, and with recent tax changes this is all the more important! We need YOU to help us get out there and get donations to continue to the support the SCA and these meetings and events that we all enjoy. We are asking firms that donate beer or wine to the Silent Auction to also consider providing a non-alcoholic option, such as bottled water, sparkling cider, or soda, and to provide a few food accompaniments on their tables, such as desserts.

General questions regarding the Silent Auction should be directed to the Business Office at or (530) 342-3537. Questions regarding the donation of goods should be directed to Vanessa Ortiz ( or Amber-Marie Madrid ( ask that businesses, institutions, and individual members support this fun and fabulous event. Be sure to bring your checkbook or cash so you can bid on the great assortment of donated goods and services. Items over $100 may also be purchased via credit card.


The annual SCA conference is arguably the most important forum for California archaeologists to engage with other professionals, communicate new information, and forge new collaborations. Yet parents of young children find it extremely difficult to remain engaged in conference activities, and the costs of childcare (especially when combined with regular attendance costs) are often prohibitive. Therefore, the WCA is be sponsoring on-site daycare at the 2020 SCA meeting in Riverside for preregistered members.  

The WCA ensures a licensed provider, an adequate number of caretakers, and a safe environment. The Riverside care-center will take place in a hotel suite with a separate room for naps, a clean bathroom, and a refrigerator for storing milk/snacks.

The sign-up sheet is a non-committal survey to determine how many caretakers we will need to hire. Once signed-up, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to collect more specifics about your care needs and to ask for a small reimbursable deposit to secure a space. This is a pre-registration event as we will not be able to accommodate for drop-ins.

Questions? Contact Kaely Colligan at

Sign up at


A closed meeting of the friends of Bill Wilson will be held in Room MR6 at 7:00 PM on March 13.


The SCA Executive Board will be leading fundraising in 2020 to encourage businesses and corporations engaged in archaeological work in our state to demonstrate their appreciation of the efforts of the SCA by making generous (tax deductible!) donations. These contributions will enable our Society to continue its good work in both the public and private sectors, in education and advocacy, and representing professional archaeologists throughout California. For further information, please contact Donations can be made on the SCA website, or sent to: SCA Business Office, 1692 Mangrove Avenue, #153, Chico, CA 95926.


Help!  The success of the Annual Meeting and the overall health of the SCA are directly related to the participation and generosity of our members. Please consider supporting the organization by volunteering for one or more of the following: (1) volunteer as staff during the Annual Meeting; (2) provide on-site assistance by staffing the registration desk; (3) help with setup and cleanup of the Silent Auction; and/or (4) be a meeting room monitor. Sign up using the form included with this packet, or online at Questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Darren Andolina at or at (530) 908-6713.

2020 Registration Instructions

Online: Log on to your member’s page at

Regular mail: Download the registration packet and submit it to the SCA Business Office (checks only, please!) Pre-registration provides significant price breaks! Identify your membership category and use the fee schedule below to determine your base registration fee.


  • Note: No refunds can be given after February 28, 2020.

1Must provide proof of student status.  

2This rate is for non-archaeologist partners accompanying an archaeologist.

3Must obtain volunteer waiver in the pre-registration period. Only the registration fee is waived, not the Silent Auction or Annual Banquet fees. To volunteer, use the form on page 23.

If you are paying for more than one attendee: If you are a firm or agency paying for multiple attendees with one check, we must have one registration form for each attendee. Photocopy the attached form or obtain the form online at

If you plan to volunteer: The volunteer registration fee waiver is only for SCA members. Please consult the enclosed Volunteer Registration Form on page 23 for complete information.

A note on spouse memberships and registration: The SCA Executive Board has elected to discontinue the Spouse membership type. If you wish to bring your non-archaeologist spouse to the meeting, you may take the spouse/significant other rate without that person being a member of the Society. Professional archaeologists may not take the spouse rate.