Annual Meeting

Each spring, the SCA holds a 3-4 day annual meeting. Even if you don’t present a paper or a poster (which many students do), attending an Annual Meeting is a great way to hear about the latest discoveries in California archaeology, meet professors, make job contacts, and socialize with a dynamic group of people interested in California archaeology. Optional social events include a Wine and Beer Tasting Silent Auction and the SCA Awards Banquet.

Students (and all members) are welcomed and urged to attend the SCA’s Open Business Meeting held during the Annual Meeting. The Business Meeting provides an opportunity for members to learn more about the organization and to have their voices heard when the floor is open to comment. The SCA Awards Banquet, which traditionally takes place on Saturday night during the Annual Meeting, consists of an awards supper followed by a presentation by a keynote speaker. 

Details for the 2021 Annual Meeting, which will be virtual due to the coronavirus, will be available soon.