California Archaeologists Committed to Diversity Band Together in New SCA Coalition

Going beyond statements of solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and calls for increased diversity in all aspects of life, the SCA has launched a new coalition to put into action the Society’s embracement of and commitment to equity, justice, diversity and inclusion of a diverse people reflected through membership, archaeological reporting, and community engagement – the Coalition for Diversity in California Archaeology (CDCA). The mission of the CDCA is to provide a venue for members to seek support and mentorship in the profession, advocate and work toward increasing diversity, visibility, and to discuss and address issues and challenges related to ethnicity and race in archaeological practice in California. The CDCA will accomplish the mission through four Task Forces: Native American Archaeologists in California, Black American Archaeologists in California, Hispanic and Latinx American Archaeologists in California, and Education/Curriculum/Community Engagement.

Please reach out to us at gro.emohacsnull@acdc, or call Seetha Reddy at 530-902-3818 to learn more about CDCA. Watch here for more information in the September 2020 SCA Newsletter.