2021 Annual Meeting is Going Virtual 

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of our membership during the ongoing global pandemic, the SCA Board has unanimously voted to take our March 2021 Virtual. Plans are currently underway to move our meeting to a virtual platform. A call for papers will be coming in the next few weeks. We do plan to keep some of our traditional events our membership looks forward to at the meeting each year including workshops, a plenary session, keynote speaker, awards, bookroom, and other opportunities to connect and interact. The theme for the 2021 Annual Meeting remains: Inside Out, Reflecting on Our Community. We do appreciate your understanding as we navigate these unusual times together. We will all have a chance to visit the South San Francisco meeting location in 2025. Please reach out to the following with questions, suggestions and ideas:
Michelle Cross – gro.emohacsnull@ellehcim – President
John Holson – moc.ycagelcificapnull@nosloh – Local Arrangements Chair
Carie Montero – moc.liamgnull@eirac.oretnom – Programs Co-Chair
Alisa Reynolds – gro.emohacsnull@sdlonyer.asila – Programs Co-Chair