The Society for California Archaeology Needs You (to Volunteer)!

Your help really will make a difference!

If you would like to volunteer for SCA events, programs, meetings or have any ideas, talents or skills you’d like to share with the organization, please contact the Business Office.

Organizations that would welcome your assistance throughout the year, and might even have programs near your home, include the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program and the San Diego Archaeological Center.

CASSP is the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, where trained volunteers work with professional archaeologists to protect archaeological and historical resources by regularly visiting sites and recording changes. CASSP is a program of the Society for California Archaeology (SCA).

The San Diego Archaeological Center has volunteer opportunities and will help you Make a Difference!

Maybe you’ve dreamed about being an archaeologist, maybe you enjoy history, maybe you have office skills already or would like to learn new skills.
Volunteers are essential to the accomplishment of the Center’s Mission. Volunteers can commit to once a week or once a quarter. Families, couples, high school and college students and retired individuals are all encouraged and welcome to volunteer.
As a small nonprofit, and the demands of being the only organization accepting archaeological collections from San Diego County, the Center volunteers perform many tasks key to the success of the Center.

To assist with California Archaeology Month please, contact the Business Office.