Women in California Archaeology

SCA’s committee, Women in California Archaeology (WCA), was formed in Spring 2012 to provide a venue for discussion related to women archaeologists in California. The WCA will work to provide support and mentorship to women practicing archaeology in the state through individual and/or group interactions. The WCA has a core committee and members. Any member of the SCA can become a member of the WCA, including men. WCA is about supporting women in the profession.

WCA Core Committee:

  • Jennifer Darcangelo, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Kristina Gill, Cultural Resources Manager, San Nicolas Island Environmental Division, Naval Base Venture County
  • Kaely Colligan, Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc.

We encourage you to visit womenincalifo-kxc1940.slack.com and participate in dialogues about a range of topics.

Please feel free to contact us (moc.liamgnull@ygoloeahcracw) if you have any questions.

Women's Oral History Project

Archaeology in California has changed drastically in the past five decades. The cut-off shorts, cigarettes, and bare-chested excavations of the 1960s and 70s are a far cry from the steel-toed, hard-hatted, CRM projects of today. Archaeologists whose early careers started in these decades are beginning to retire. Before they hang up their trowels for good, their stories and memories of the past need to be collected, preserved, and shared. Their experiences and the trails they blazed have helped shape archaeology in California today.

Many thanks to Annamarie Guerrero and Dana Shew, who pitched this idea to the board and began recording at the 2019 Annual Meeting. We present the first of the edited videos here.

More Coming Soon!