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The Site Conservation Committee

The Site Conservation Committee was created to identify significant archaeological properties worthy of acquisition and preservation on private lands across the state and make information available to conservation groups.

Ongoing development threatens archaeological properties across California. The SCA can play a vital preservation role by identifying threatened sites and making them known to land conservation entities. While not limited to one particular organization, the impetus for this is The Archaeological Conservancy's effort to ramp up property acquisition in California. Whereas federal and state land acquisitions have come to a standstill, The Archaeological Conservancy (TAC) is committed to doing more to expand its holdings and protections. SCA can play a significant role in helping identify prime candidate sites through a Site Conservation Committee of regional experts and leaders. It would be the conservation entity's role to do individual site evaluations and determinations, but the committee can be a clearinghouse for bringing candidate properties to their attention. Site preservation by a conservation entity, through donation, purchase or easement, needs to become a more regular consideration in the CRM and planning process. Our SCA members can assist in site preservation by providing information to land conservation groups willing to protect heritage resources. Download the TAC Site Information/selection Form.

Beyond preservation an additional benefit derives from expanded opportunities for archaeological training and research. TAC encourages such studies on its properties as long as they take a conservation approach and aid in the long-term management and understanding of the protected resources. These opportunities are increasingly difficult to find on public lands. Another benefit is the opportunity to work with other land conservation groups in protecting archaeological properties throughout California.

To learn more about the Site Conservation Committee, email or phone him at 916-673-7343.


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