2014 SCA 48th Annual Meeting

Thursday, March 20th – Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Visalia, Visalia Convention Center

Printed registration materials and membership notices will go out in October. To opt-out of snail-mail notices, log onto your members page here, or email the Business Office

How to Preregister

Log on to your members page, then click the “Register for Events” link.

US Postal Service (checks only): Download the meeting registration packet and submit completed forms to the SCA Business Office.

SCA Business Office
1692 Mangrove Ave, 153
Chico, CA  95926
(530) 342-3537

Preregistration provides significant price breaks! Identify your membership category and use the fee schedule below to determine your base registration fee. Mail-in Registration and electronic registrations with Banquet or Silent Auction Tickets must be received by the Business Office on or before Friday, February 28, 2014.

2014 Fee Schedule (Note: we are once again offering a special package discount for early preregistration. For members only!

Fee Schedule3

Banquet Tickets are $60.00; Silent Auction Tickets are $45.00.

(Note: Mail in and electronic Registrations with Silent Auction or Banquet Tickets must be received by the Business Office on or before Monday, February 28, 2014. The deadline for electronic registration is Monday, February 18, 2014. This is so we can meet head count deadlines for the Auction and Banquet.)

If You Are Paying For More Than One Attendee

Spouses and guests may share a registration form with the primary registrant. If you are a firm or agency paying for multiple attendees with one check, we still must have one registration form for each attendeeDownload the Registration Form.

If You Plan to Volunteer

The volunteer registration fee waiver is available only to SCA members identified and verified by the 2014 Annual Meeting Volunteer Coordinator during the preregistration period. Complete the form here.


Annual Meeting Local Arrangements
C. Kristina Roper
Sierrra Valley Cultural Planning

Annual Meeting Program Chair
Linn Gassaway
US Forest Service